The Belli-Brushing Machine This   device   works   by   an   inbuilt   mechanism.   The   two   rhino-machos sitting in high heels hold the profiteer. height ca. 120 x 30 cm, figures 17 cm black frame edition of 30 pieces

The march of vanities

Four farcical objects built an indian file: the cow barn of the french revolutionary architect Lequeu, the last Macho with broken wings and cut off horn in a high heel, the allegory of the stupidity and the Chrysler-Building on an elephant`s back.

Frame 30 x 60 cm

edition of 30 pieces

The heritage of the last inhabitant

The most complex object of the known universe, the human brain, becomes a cave, where the last inhabitant left the counting lines of his days in this prison. The half brain is life sized, app. 18 cm. It may be moved out of  the frame and turned arround.

Frame 35 x 60 cm

edition of 30 pieces

The 3D animation "THE ASTRO PARK" is a 60 minutes journey through a fantasy building with it`s various virtual rooms: from space with flying objects to a chess room with kinetic sculptures, the room of painting, which can only be entered by a tube of paintings, the room of printing, the movie theatre, the gallery and some stations outside.

Video: Trailer Astro-Park

The fantastic opportunities of the computer aided construction not only offers the realistic view in 2D or 3D space, but also the realisation of the physical object by use of a 3D printer. The computer designed 3D drawing is the basis for the picture, the animation or the modell. The objects were offered by the design label

ASTROPARK   /   Animated movie DVD Video-Format *.mpg  FullHD 1920 x 1080