SUSATO Soest 2014 Video: TV report (WDR)
Laser show "HAMMillennium" City of Hamm, 2000 app. 50.000-60.000 visitors
Laser show "Decathlon" Maximilianpark Hamm, 1997 app. 20.000 visitors
Laser show "From Altamira to Mars" Maximilianpark Hamm, 1994 app. 5.000 visitors
Laser show „Susato“ Soest 2014 History of the city of Soest Laser show „HAMMillennium“  Hamm, 2000 Important facts of the last 1000 years 34 days ca. 50 000 - 60 000 visitors Laser-Show „Zehnkampf“ As the final celebration of a ten years work with the 10 kinetic machines within the glass elephant Maxipark Hamm,  1997 Laser show „Von Altamira bis zum Mars“ Milestones of the human development Maxipark Hamm, 1994