1951  born in Duisburg, Germany 1970  high school graduate 1972  architectur studies at the University of Stuttgart           first paintings 1973  first sculptures from bronze, glass and high-grade                   steel 1975  scholarship of the Aldegrever Society           the first etchings 1977  architecture dissertation (Hans Kammerer) 1978  assistant in the Institute for drawing and           Modelling University of Stuttgart 1979  scholarship of the German Academic           Exchange Service (DAAD)           Study in the University of California Los Angeles,           (Charles Moore) 1980  trips through North America and Central America 1981  conception of the 35-m-high glass elephant for           the State GArden Fair Hamm 1982  doctorate / doctoral thesis: Relations between            Pop and architecture 1984  completion of the glass elephant 1986   first great kinetik sculptures, 1987  concept for the interior Glass elephants            with a total of 10 kinetic objects (one per year) 1988   study trip in Italy 1989  1st price competition tax office Zeven            sculpture „Tenth" 1992  1st price competition State Garden Fair            Gelsenkirchen (with Wedig Pridik) 1993  1st price competition State Garden Fair            Oberhausen (with Lazlo Czinki)            concept for the rebuilding the coal mixing building 1994   laser show "from Altamira up to Mars" 1997   completion of the 10th object for the Glass              Glass Elephant            Laser show "Decathlon" in the Maximilianpark            first glass windows 1998   rebuilding of the former coal mixing building of the            coalmine Osterfeld to the garden cathedral for the            State Garden Fair Oberhausen 1999 1999   sculpture "Rain with Sunshine - Steel Cloud“            in Lake Möhne 2000   Laser show "HAMMillennium" city centre Hamm            from the 27.11.99 - 1/2/2000                      project "Glowlight staging of wind turbines”            at Lake Möhne 2001   retrospective exhibition in the Gustav Lübcke            Museum Hamm 2003   light installation "Rainbow Bridge" Hamm 2004   jubilee exhibition "20 years" Glass Elephant            Maximilianpark Hamm 2005  1st prize in the competition "Hamm Vision"            with the steel sculpture "Lip Jumper" 2007  1st price with the land competition of the Naturparke            in North-Rhine-Westphalia with the project           "Sounding Forest" 2009   60. Anniversary North-Rhine-Westphalia            Light- and sound show at the Glass Elephant 2011   Rellecke  60            exhibition in Wilhelm-Morgner-Museum Soest 2014   member of the Künstlersonderbund Berlin
EXHIBITIONS Since 1972 more than 150 single exhibitions at home and abroad REFERENCES Horst Rellecke / Günther Wirth "Konzepte" Manus press, Stuttgart 1978 Günther Wirth “Art in the German Southwest” Publishing company Gerd Hatje, Stuttgart 1978 Horst Rellecke "Archigraph" Manus press, Stuttgart 1979 Guinness book of the records (Issue in 1985 / page 152-153) Ministry of land and urban development No. 19, Art in the Construction 1980-85 Dusseldorf 1987 Horst Rellecke Catalogue Library of Paderborn, in 1988 Brockhaus Encyclopaedia 1992 Volume H, p. 421 Context: Horst Rellecke Gallery Kley Hamm, 1994 "Wegmarkenprojekt" (Landmarks) Cultural Region Hellweg Hamm - Soest 2001 Television portrait: Horst Rellecke Southwest Radio Baden-Baden, 1983AUSSTELLUNGEN